2016 BMW 7 Series Review

2016 BMW 7 Series e4

If it is permitted for us to have the favorite car maker, then we would, definitely, opt for the German gigant, the one and only- BMW. In our defend, we are thinking that the vast majority of you, our dear readers, DO understand our crazy devotion and huge love for these astonishing lovable cars, so our strongly advice is to sit, quite comfortably, back in your favorite armchair and enjoy reading, at least, as half as equally that we have enjoyed writing it.
So, for a start, to understand each other- we think that absolutely all the vehicles, which have, originally been made and launch on a global car market from this German magician, are absolutely marvelous and highly unique! Regarding the 7-series, itself, by our most humble option, these cars are surprisingly athletic considering how huge they really are. We think that’s because its well-balanced chassis coupled with the outstanding crafted communicative steering and more than confident brakes.
2016 BMW 7 Series ext 2

Exterior and interior design

One is more than a certain, the whole next-generation of a 2016 BMW 7 Series will be using one of the most advanced techniques manufacturing, which have learned through BMW’s utterly famous i3 and i8 programs. That practically means that the designers from the BMW Company will take an advantage of their knowledge to use a carbon fiber in the productions of their marvelous vehicles.
2016 BMW 7 Series ext 5
2016 BMW 7 Series
Due to that fact, newly made 7-series cars will be the very first lineup of the vehicles, on which will be used a carbon fiber in the construction. It is expecting that the usage of this light weight material will result in a reduction the overall car structure (it is planned to be about 280 pounds over the current available 7-series).
2016 BMW 7 Series ext 8
2016 BMW 7 Series exteriore
As we can see car offers an extraordinary and utterly comfortable driving at all speeds (that fact didn’t surprise us at all, because, after all we are talking about your favorite manufacturer ). All in all, the big 7 remains to be a quite luxurious place to sit and cruise combined with more than the excellent seats up front and tons of room to stretch out in back. All credits to designers which did such a terrific job! The main cabin remained spacious and wrapped with nothing but the top quality materials (leather upholstery, a newly designed gauge cluster coupled with a massive, configurable TFT display that is placed on the main dash and which enables a various changes, like the one with the car’s various driving modes (Eco Pro, Comfort+, Sport, and Sport+)).
2016 BMW 7 Series interior
2016 BMW 7 Series interior 2
BMW vehicles are globally known as a highly trendy, very reliably, utterly comfortable and awfully luxury. But, one of theirs the most striking advantage is considered to be the fullness of the most various highly trendy and very helpful, hi-technology features. In order to keep the long story, short, definitely, the most notable hi-technology feature, among the thousands, is: iDrive BMW’s infotainment system that comes along including a 7 inch wide color touch screen coupled with gesture controls and with voice commands and the familiar knob controller, into its interface.

2016 BMW 7 Series engine and specs

When it comes to the engine range, the BMW 7-series offer a really wide range of the most various motor options. We will give our best, in order to count as many as possible.
2016 BMW 7 Series engine
For the entry-level 730i is intended to come along equipped with a 2.0-liter turbocharged four-cylinder engine, which will be capable just enough to generate up to 260 horsepower, but it is highly unlikely that this engine will be available for American soil. The second in a row is an engine that is intended to be placed under the hood of the mighty and the long-awaited BMW M2 model. It is rated to be able to generate an approximate 330-horsepower. The 750i variant, will come along equipped with the V8 engine, which is considered to be able to pump up to a 460-horsepower, while, at the same time, the most efficient in this range, is going to be a 6.6-liter V12 engine, which is planned to be placed under the hood of the 760i that will be more than able to develop up to 600 horsepower.

And, the last two, but not the least important or the least powerful ones, are two gasoline-electric plug-in hybrid powerplants, which are rated at 275 and 400 horsepower. These plug-ins variants will be available paired with a nine-speed automatic transmission, while every other model will come along matched with an eight-speed unit transmission.


The starting price of the basic 2016 BMW 7 Series is $81,300 while 750i Drive coast $97,400.

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