2016 Ford Bronco Release date & Price

2016 Ford Bronco

Ford Bronco is a legendary Ford SUV. It was in production since 1966, and back then it was constructed to be a off-road vehicle and to compete with highly popular model at a time Jeep SJ. During time it changed to becoming a SUV. It was discontinued in 1996, after it had some troubles with a law enforcement in 1994. You remember O.J. Simpson police chase? SUV in which O.J. was running from the police, was Ford Bronco. It was one of the most famous TV events in American history. After the chase O.J.’s Bronco went on trial as an exhibit. All this bad popularity made Ford discontinue the Bronco’s production only two years after that. It was replaced with Ford Expedition in Ford’s SUV line (look at 2018 Ford Expedition spy photos). In 2004, 10 years after the famous chase, new Ford Bronco concept vehicle was promoted on Chicago Auto Show, but it never went back in the production. There are rumors about new Ford Bronco coming out for the 2016 model year, on 20 year’s anniversary of the discontinuation of the old model.

2016 Ford Bronco exterior

Ford Bronco’s exterior was largely based on Ford F 150. They got almost the same front, profile and wheels, only rear part was considerably different, since F 150 is a pick up truck. Rumors about new Ford Bronco are connected with a F 150 redesign and if Bronco come out in 2016, it will definitely have similar exterior to the Ford F 150 pick up truck.
2016 Ford Bronco

2016 Ford Bronco interior

2016 Bronco interior

New SUVs are now much different from the time old Ford Bronco was in production. If the new model come out in 2016 it will need some top of the line interior features. It will compete with Toyota Land Cruiser and Jeep Cherokee on the SUV market both of which have unbelievably modern interior solutions.


2016 Ford Bronco engines

There is no information on what kind of engine will new Bronco come with. Maybe it will come with some engine from the Ford F Series line, like 4,7 liter V6 or maybe even 5,3 liter V8 in some higher trim level.

2016 Ford Bronco price

Price of the new Ford Bronco will probably go from $30,000 or $40,000, it is going to more expensive then Jeep Cherokee and definitely maybe even as twice as cheaper then Toyota Land Cruiser.
2016 Ford Bronco 3
If new Ford Bronco comes out in 2016 it will definitely make a lot of people happy, since this SUV had a big fan base, especially after the O.J.’s chase. To be honest we think that discontinuing the Bronco only two years after the chase wasn’t such a smart move, because those were the times when this SUV hit all the major media and was one of the most popular SUVs out there.

2016 Bronco release date


According to rumors coming this model will appear during 2016.

We have an update on this matter. Thanks to the agreement between Ford and UAW, the new model will be released by 2020. You can read all about it here:

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