2017 BMW M8 Release Date and Price

2017 BMW M8 ext 4

Bavarians made the 8 series as a Grand Tourer from 1989 until 1999 with V12 and V8 engines. There is common misunderstanding that the 8 series was made as a successor to the 6 series but it was actually an entirely new class aimed at a different market, with a substantially higher price and better performance than the 6 series. The 8 Series supercar offered the first V12 engine mated to a 6 speed manual gearbox and it was the first car to feature CAN bus – multiplex wiring for cars which is now standard. It was one of the first vehicles to be fitted with an electronic “drive-by-wire” throttle as well as first one to use a multi-link rear axle. The M8 was supposed to be a Ferrari competitor equipped with a special 550 HP version of the S70 engine, essentially a bored out version of the M70 with experimental multi-valve cylinder heads. The project was eventually abandoned because BMW decided that there was no market for an M8. The only prototype ever produced (one that was allegedly not even safe for driving) was locked away by BMW in the company’s Giftschrank (poison storage).

2017 BMW M8 front
There is a possibility that 2017 model will come with the same carbon fiber and aluminum chassis as well as the most popular vehicle of BMW, the i8. Obviously, the 2017 BMW M8 will not be a hybrid, but due to its magnificent body, it is supposed to be a real monster in terms of its performance as well as more sportier and aggressive than i8.
2017 BMW M8 exterior

2017 BMW M8 engine and specs

Engine of the 2017 BMW M8 will not be from i8 but an entirely new highly efficient unit that is, supposedly, going to be direct injected, TwinPower Turbo compressed powertrain with volume of 4.4 L. This engine will offer the new M8 highly needed 600 HP, and will be paired with eight speed double-clutch transmission. The 2017 M8 supercar will be capable of jumping from 0-60 MPH in 3 seconds, with the highest possible speed of 200 MPH.

2017 BMW M8 ext 2

Interior design

Interior of the 2017 BMW M8 is still kept highly guarded and under the curtains, but it is rumored that BMW is preparing M8 cabin to be straight out of future, impressive and full of most modern high-tech functions. Since it is going to be an M series car, expect its interior to lean towards sports setting instead of comfort. The cabin of the 2017 M8 will most likely be similar or even inspired by the i8, as far as the speculations go. Lighted accents will glow at night and the design is futuristic, but there’s nothing here that we haven’t seen on, probably, i8 already. All controls are easy to find, provided you’re familiar with the latest tech from Munich. The cabin, according to speculations, will come equipped with central exhibit and control elements on the steering wheel, instrument cluster and central display. The wonderfully designed instrument panel further boosts the charm of the cabin together with top notch materials, such as carbon fiber, Alcantra and leather.


Exterior redesign of 2017 M8

Exterior is another thing that the 2017 BMW M8 is going to pick up from the i8. But don’t get us wrong not all of it will be borrowed, only materials such as aluminum, titanium, magnesium, and carbon fiber together with the basic design language, are being “copied”, but the main distinction will be enhanced overall performances. Allegedly 2017 M8 will own a racing body form, smooth lines and great air intakes, for optimum cooling of the bigger and meaner engine, which would provide a perfect aerodynamics and reduce drag. There has been some speculations that it will feature a stylishly designed elongated V-shaped hood, BMW signature grille, which gives it a beasty look and front headlight that are supposed to be designed with the latest laser light skill. According to the rumors the rear end of the new BMW M8 will come with a diffuser that will maintain the cars stability and keep it on the road even at the highest possible speed which is going to be built in the rear bumper and will be holding two barrel exhaust tips that are supposed to translate engines power into sweet music for every car lovers ears.

2017 BMW M8 ext
2017 BMW M8

Release date and price

Price is not yet officially confirmed but a lot of predictions are somewhere around $250.000 which is probably a little steep, but for this Wunder von Maschinen (miracle machine) this is a small fee.
Release date is another unknown but public reveal can be expected sometime near the end of 2016 and the sales could start as soon as in first quarter of 2017.

Read more on this site. http://www.caranddriver.com/features/2016-bmw-m8-25-cars-worth-waiting-for-20142017-future-cars
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