2017 BMW X1 Review

2017 BMW X1 ext 3

Having in our mind the fact that although the BMW X1 model seems to Americans as a novelty, the bare truth is that this particular compact utility vehicle has been present on the European car markets for a couple of years, now. However, X1 is planned to come as a brand new model, according to the official announcements that are coming from a direction of a BMW’s headquarters. But, we wouldn’t call it a brand new designed or novelty, we would prefer the expressions like: slightly refreshed or improved. We are saying that for a reason, actually there aren’t some major differences between these two variants, only the slightly cosmetically-oriented refreshments. These refreshments mainly reflect in the exterior and engine section, and that’s, pretty much, it! The 2017 BMW X1 represents, in fact, a highly attractive and pretty cute designed SUV, which has already been tested on the streets.

2017 BMW X1

2017 BMW X1 exterior and interior design

As we have, already, mentioned new 2017 BMW X1 will come along only partly redesigned. However, there isn’t any specific information regarding these refreshments and it is, still, quite possible that the designers and engineers from this awfully famous German car manufacturer will surprise us allby adding some brand new stuff. But, according the data that are available for public, we can conclude that this slightly refreshed variant will come as comfortable as ever, with slightly improved general appearance and with a bit wider engine options, which are going to be able to guarantee increased fuel economy.

2017 BMW X1 exterior

Some of, probably, the biggest changes are planned to been made in a technological section. Newly made 2017 BMW X1 will come along equipped with a technological innovation called Connect Drive package.
2017 BMW X1 interior
The available photos are showing to us that X1’s redesign will include a platform change and extensive body work. That, practically, means that new 2017 X1 will be shorter than the previous model.

2017 BMW X1 ext 4

Engine and specs of 2017 X1

Engine wise, there are certain speculations, which are showing that the BMW’s officials have been thinking about launching the hybrid version of this model, but there aren’t any official confirmations. In any case, one thing we know for sure, the new 2017 BMW X1 won’t run 6 cylinder engine, but it is planned that the engine range will, somehow, be expanded with the 2.0 turbo engine with direct injection, although the BMW’s engineers are still working on creating utterly fast&furious (which will be able to develop the strength of approximate 300 hp. or even higher) motor options that would be able to fit on the line BMW’s hottest competitors Audi and Mercedes.

2017 BMW X1 eNGINE

Release Date and price

If you strive to own and drive this beautifully designed 2017 BMW X1, you’ll have to be more than a ready to set aside a pretty big bucks (let’s say, roughly, between at $40,120 – $50,670, based on current exchange rates). Regarding the exact release date, it is possible that this massive SUV hit the global car market during the 2017.

2017 BMW X1 eXT 41
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