2017 BMW X2 Release Date and Price

2017 BMW X2

Since we know that Bavarians have vivid imaginations and a tendency for nice things, they have come up with a new piece of toy to wow us all and to possibly rule the sporty cross-over segment. The new sport styled SUV from BMW, called the X2 is inspired by the smaller X1 which it is supposed to accompany. New 2017 BMW X2 is going to be more affordable than X4 and X6, which will help it to attract more customers to the BMW dealerships. By its design it is also going to make a fierce competition to the Range Rover Evoque which is possibly going to be more expensive than the new Bavarian, but it gets more interesting, keep reading.

2017 BMW X2 ext 3

Exterior changes of new BMW X2

On the Outside 2017 BMW X2 is conceived to be sportier, coupe version of X1, which means a lot of similarities to it from the front bumper to its middle from were it will continue with a “chopped roof” and redesigned rear end, which will help it look a little wider than X1. The Countach-like angled wheel arches are going to be filled by big fat wheels with allegedly unchanged wheel base from the X1 but with much shorter rear overhang.

2017 BMW X2 ext3
2017 BMW X2 ext

At the front of the car we can find similar features to the X1 with big double kidney grille and longer, slicker and more aggressive headlights, together with larger air intakes below to complete its sporty look. The rear of the car is totally different from its inspiration meaning redesigned rear bumper, shorter rear windscreen and tailgate and new prototype taillights.

2017 BMW X2 exterior

2017 BMW X2 specs and engine

As we know, since the Bavarians have gone through so much trouble to give us a new 2017 X2 they will go through the same trouble to offer us adequate Powertrains for it. With that in mind BMW is allegedly preparing three types of engines, 3-cylinder and 4-cylinder petrol, and4-cylinder diesel. The 1.5L 3-cylinder petrol engine is supposed to be the base for Europe with 136 HP and is going to be married to the six speed automatic transmission that will deliver its power to front wheels only. Second one is all familiar 2.0L 4-cylinder engine that is likely to be offered in two variants as sDrive2.0i and xDrive2.0i with 192HP and xDrive2.5i with 231HP. The diesels on the other hand will be offered as sDrive1.8d with 150HP, 190HP in the xDrive2.0d and 231 HP with the xDrive2.5d. The only one engine, according to the rumors, that is hitting the US soil will be 2.0L 4-cylinder petrol engine with 228 HP and 258 lb-ft of torque which will be delivered to all four wheels with an eight speed automatic transmission, and it is supposed to hit 60 MPH in 6.3 seconds with top speed of 130 MPH.

2017 BMW X2 ext 4

2017 X2 Interior

Inside of the car, generally speaking and according to speculations, is going to be mostly taken from the X1. That means that the 2017 BMW X2 will host familiar analog instrument cluster with four gauges, redesigned A\C vents, a three-spoke multi-function steering wheel, and a center console that’s slightly oriented toward the driver.The standard seats will probably be in cloth, but we will be able to select leather upholstery from the options list. Some of the other options will most likely include an 8.8-inch display, a 12-speaker Harman Kardon sound system, a panoramic moon roof, and much more. Bavarians are elegant but they also have a tendency to be functional as well, so expect much just not too much. Since it has similar wheel base as X1 expect similar and maybe a little bigger leg room on the rear seats, but the down side is a sloping roof which will take some of the head and shoulder room as well as some luggage space.

201 BMW X2 interior

Release date and price

Release date is probably close. We can expect a close-to-production model unveiled maybe in the few next following months this year, but production model probably won’t be unveiled until the end of this year with starting of the sales sometime in first quarter of 2017.

Price of the BMW X2 2017 is going to be somewhere from $37.000 for the base model and up to $46.000 for the top trim which is still cheaper than its main competitor Range Rover Evouqe that starts at a$42.000 for the five-door and $47.000 for the three-door model.

Read more on this site. http://www.topspeed.com/cars/bmw/2017-bmw-x2-ar118924.html

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