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As soon as Mercedes is mentioned all of us instantly think luxury European car with both comfort and performance, but when AMG is in the mix that instantly puts comfort and European slick looks in the back and brings speed, fun and raw Mercedes power in the bigger picture. Mercedes AMG GT (C190) is a 2-door 2-seat coupe presented to the public at the Paris Motor show in 2014, and it is the second sports car after SLS AMG developed entirely in house by the AMG. It has two variations AMG GT S and AMG GT, both started to sell in 2015, where the GT S has a slightly higher performance and is very much known as the Formula 1 safety car.
Mercedes is also preparing the AMG GT3 variant that is going to be sold sometime this year, but enough about these, shall we say baby brothers, time to bring you some alleged information about a new German beast on the block – the 2017 Mercedes AMG GT-R. As I previously mentioned AMG is a high performance Mercedes division and their task is to make these elegant German vehicles into petrol thirsty, power hungry beastly roaring racers. Since this one is going to wear a GTR badge that means it has to have the power to justify that.

2017 Mercedes AMG GT-R engine and specs

Engine of 2017 Mercedes AMG GT-R is going to be high-rewing 6.2L atmospheric V8 with 570 HP and 627 lb-ft of torque transmitted onto the rear wheels, which would give even the Porsche 911 Turbo S a run for its money on the German autobahn. The gearbox, mounted in a trans axle configuration on the rear axle where it will ensure optimum weight distribution, will probably be taken from GT variant which is seven-speed dual-clutch “SpeedShift” AMG transmission implemented for track duty, but it will also going to endure some changes to satisfy the rigid AMG standards. Top speed for this monster is estimated at around 195 MPH and 0-62 MPH is going to take slightly less than 3.2 seconds.

2017 AMG GT-R Release date

Release date is yet unknown and according to the online buzz it’s less likely to be announced in the second part of 2017 and much more likely that announcement is going to be in the first part of 2018. But that’s OK because we know that Germans are meticulous and that they do each vehicle like it’s their last, so we won’t hold a grudge, we will wait because we know it is worth it.

Changes of new Mercedes AMG GT-R

Exterior is going to work for the engine. As track cars like this one go, losing weight is an imperative. Although AMG took a lot of it on the previous variants GT and GT S it is more likely that this one is going to lose between 176 and 220 pounds by redoing its body and frame, inserting more exotic materials such as carbon fiber and aluminum parts in the frame and miscellaneous panels.

As the rumors go, 2017 AMG GT-R will sit closer to the ground with suspension stiffened substantially, bigger wheels, tires and brakes are to be expected and much more extreme aero kit – including a front splitter you could eat of, little side winglets to deflect the air from the front tires, more ventilation to feed the engine and cool the brakes, a massive rear wing and what promises to be a very large rear diffuser. This all promises a lot of down-force probably the highest of any currently available production car at 7.500 lbs of down-force at 171 MPH which is necessary to hold down this powerful vehicle on the ground gripping tightly on the road ahead.

Interior design of 2017 Mercedes AMG GT-R

Since German cars represent elegance and style, we will have to disappoint you because here this will not be the case. 2017 Mercedes AMG GT-R is, according to online talks, going to have simple and fully stripped down cockpit that is going to immerse you in a world of speed and power. Center console and dash as well as the steering wheel will be straight from the formula one. As far as the comfort goes, u can forget it because you are going to buy a track car with hardened aluminum roll cage, sporty bucket seats and six point harness which is supposed to hold you down as this rocket launches from the start position. Interior has only one job and that is to make you a part of the car and track, and we can tell you from the rumors, it is doing its job.

Price and Release Date

Price is a real eye-popper! It is rumored that base of this variant is going to be from $470.000 to $520.000 which we will have to set aside for the top trim. Since this is a real sports racer and might I add pro racer, this much money was not unexpected. It is still a Mercedes AMG and if we judge from all the previous models and variants, a true GT-R enthusiast will not regret a single buck. It will have its world premier at the Goodwood  (The Festival of Speed ) which takes place this year from June 23 through 26. It will hit the market next summer.

Read more on this site. http://www.motorauthority.com/news/1097478_2017-mercedes-amg-gt-r-spy-shots

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