2018 Bentley Continental GT Release Date

The Bentley Continental GT is a grand tourer produced by British automaker Bentley Motors since 2003. It was the first car released by Bentley under Volkswagen AG management, and the first ever Bentley to employ “mass production” manufacturing techniques. It shares a platform with the Volkswagen Phaeton. What is very important, the car differed significantly from the previous Continental R & T models in terms of its concept. As a result, the price at launch was significantly less than the Continental R (approximately half) and this immediately exposed the car to a much wider and new customer base as a more affordable car. The new 2018 Bentley Continental GT is adopting a sleeker, more dynamic look than the current model and should prove to be a stunner. Bentley’s new Continental will once again offer both W-12 and V-8 engine options, as well as possibility of a plug in hybrid option, but keep reading for more info.

2018 Bentley Continental GT

Exterior changes

As far as all we know Bentley hasn’t gone trough much changes during these past years. Yes, there has been some facelifts here and there but it takes a keen eye to make out all the different and new things put in opposite to previous models. Now, thanks to the concept’s debut in March 2015, Bentley downright admitted that the EXP 10 Speed 6 was the “future direction of luxury and performance.” This means that the third gen of Bentley Continental GT might inherit many of the EXP 10 Speed 6 design features, inside and outside. Marvelous! Apparently the car’s new front-end styling will draw inspiration from the concept with a lower front and rear end than the current car, as well as shorter overhangs and a shorter wheelbase. But don’t get too hyped because it will include plenty of cues from the current model also. The next Continental will be based on a new platform called MSB co-developed by Bentley and Porsche. Similar to Bentayga SUV, the Continental’s body shell will be a hybrid-materials structure, with assorted high-strength steels reinforcing a body made mainly from aluminum. The current car, by comparison, is steel-bodied.
2018 Bentley Continental GT ext 3.6
2018 Bentley Continental GT ext3

Interior redesign

As for the interior of the 2018 Bentley Continental GT, it will be interesting to wait and see how far the production car will deviate from the interior design of the concept (EXP 10 Speed 6). It is already sharing a similar dual-brow instrument panel design, quilted leather seats and door panels, but the inside of the concept looks much more stylish and advanced than the current Continental GT. The focus point will definitely be the large, Tesla Model S like central display screen, which will also be interesting to wait and see how it will be incorporated in the production ride. There’s also the full digital gauge cluster, the sportier three-spoke steering wheel, and the two-tier element on the dash that creates even more depth and eye-catching detail, than what the previous generations of Conti offered.
2018 Bentley Continental GT interior

2018 Bentley Continental GT engine and specs

The big news surrounding the new Bentley Continental GT will be what lies beneath the stylish new sheet metal. Now before you get any wet dreams about it, Bentley will continue to use its 4.0 L twin turbo V8, but there are rumors about a possibility that it will start the launch of the third-gen Conti GT with a big and bad W12. It will be the new twin turbocharged 6.0 L W12 with direct fuel injection that made its debut in the 2017 Bentley Bentayga. You can count on an output of at least 600 HP, slightly more than the 582 HP found in the latest 2016 model. Since it is sharing a platform and technology with the Panamera, it suggests that the new Continental GT could get some sort of plug-in hybrid variant, what is yet unconfirmed, but highly possible.

2018 Continental release date and price

Considering the 2018 Bentley Continental GT was just updated for 2016, the all-new model probably won’t debut until 2017 (our guess is the Geneva Motor Show in early March) for the 2018 model year. Since the current Bentley Continental GT priced at $193.500, we can expect some nudge up in the price tag for the third-gen Continental GT and it very likely might pass shy over $200.000 for the standard GT V8 S coupe.
2018 Bentley Continental GT exterior

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