2018 BMW Z5 Release Date

2018 BMW Z5 3

BMW-“The Ultimate Driving Machine” as Germans refers to it, and may we tell you they are not wrong. German automotive industry never produced anything better, according to enthusiasts, than the BMW because it offers sheer power, performance, elegance and sporty goodness when and where you need it.The Z models of BMW are roadster models and they begun with model Z1 in 1989 and they are made still. They have been made in in four different series with five generations including coupe variants, one supercar and one concept car. As you may or may not know the Z stands for Zukunft in German or Future in English. Now German manufacturer is preparing 2018 BMW Z5.

2018 BMW Z5 EXT2

2018 BMW Z5 exterior design

The 2018 Z5 is supposed to be a replacement to the already aging Z4 and it is going to be built on a new architecture that is supposed to be sportier than Z4`s. Based on speculative information we came across and some renderings, the exterior of 2018 BMW Z5 is going to have a longer and sportier hood, short rear end, a really low driving position and a soft top probably which will distinguish it very much from the Z4. By the looks of it seems that it is getting more aggressive with lowered overall stance, lover but bigger front grill and nose. This is not confirmed yet but a three-piece outlet configuration with a wider center opening is very likely. The trunk lid, according to the online buzz, will in many ways stay similar to the Z4’s and will come with an integrated spoiler while the license plate will be moved upwards. The overall dimensions of the car will stay similar and will not, unfortunately, get any brawnier than Z4.
2018 BMW Z5 exterior 2
2018 BMW Z5 exterior 23

Interior design of 2018 Z5

Interior of the BMW Z5 2018 is still a total mystery. BMW is keeping it to itself still, but since it is all about Germans we can expect nothing less than what the previous Z models had, except now we are in a new age of technology, design and materials. We should expect, according to speculations, low hanging and immersive dashboard that will put the driver into first plan, wide center console, advanced infotainment system, sporty steering wheel. Fancy upholstery everywhere including seats that will come as standard and top of the line leather with stitching at the upper trim levels, soft to the touch surfaces, aluminum inserts all over dash, center console, door panels, etc.

2018 BMW Z5 interior

Engine and specs

Engine is something that is also unknown and speculated a lot. Since the 2018 BMW Z5 will have a tall mountain to climb the BMW will have to offer something really good if they want to be better than the entry level cars such as Jaguar F-type or Porsche 911. German plan for now, according to rumors, is to offer 4 cylinder turbocharged engine for base trim with a possibility of enhancing it and offering at the upper trim level and 3.0L 6 cylinder engines for top of the line variant. BMW is known for their M variants and we should expect it also but we don’t believe that they would break ground there before 2018. There is also possibility, speculations are, that BMW is considering a hybrid in their lineup, but we believe that it isn’t a possibility because they will want to distinguish themselves from its Toyota sibling, which will most likely go the hybrid route. Drivetrain will, on the other hand, be developed in association with Toyota but different for each platform, which means that we can expect BMW to deliver sportier experience to Z5. It possible that the transmission will be offered as a six speed both manual and dual clutch automatic.

New BMW Z5 release date and price

Release date is going to be set sometime in late 2017 or the first half of 2018. German engineering is sometime slow but when it’s done, o boy do they deliver. None of us was ever disappointed, and we doubt that we will be this time.

2018 BMW Z5 ext 4

Pricing is hard to predict because it is also being guessed. According to some info and the online talks we estimate that it could be well pricier than the Z4 which retails for around $50,000, which means that the 2018 Z5 will probably be over $56,000 before any options.

More on this site. http://www.topspeed.com/cars/bmw/2018-bmw-z5-ar164445.html
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